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FTF Fantasy Relevance

The Franchisers break down each and every NFL team to figure out who is Fantasy Relevant

FTF 3 WR Mock

The Franchisers rock a 3 WR mock.

FTF 10 Team 2 QB Mock

The Franchisers work through a 10 team 2 QB mock.

FTF Free Agency Extravaganza

The Franchisers break down Free Agency moves via satellite.

FTF Distance Mock

The Franchisers mock from separate locations

FTF Target Percentage

The Franchisers break down target percentage from last season.

FTF Grow Slow WRs

The Franchisers evaluate WR performance from last season and project next years numbers.

FTF Combine and SuperFlex Mock

The Franchisers look at early combine results and run a superflex mock.

FTF Carry Percentage

The Franchisers look at carry percentages for NFL RBs

FTF Grow or Slow RBs

The Franchisers decide which RBs will Grow this year, or Slow.

FTF Double Trouble Mock

The Franchisers do a mock based a listener email.

FTF Flex Statistical Analysis

The Franchisers break down the Flex position.

FTF Anti Franchiser Mock

The Franchisers break their strategy and draft QB and TE early.

FTF RB Depth Mock

The Franchisers draft RBs early and often.

FTF Position Heavy Mocks

The Franchisers examine what happens when you draft positions heavy.

FTF WR Statistical Analysis

The Franchisers examine important WR data.

FTF PPR Mock 1

The Franchisers rock your first PPR Mock.

FTF RB scoring Analysis

The Franchisers look at statistics to categorize the RB position.

FTF League Average WR

The Franchisers look at each roster if they add a league average WR

FTF Coaching Changes, College TEs, and 3 Round Mock

The Franchisers look at new Coaches, College TEs, and Mock rounds 1-3

FTF Sleepers and Snoozers

The Franchisers breakdown players who could move up or down in the rankings.

Franchiser Talk Fantasy