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FTF Quarter Season Check In

The Franchisers check in at the quarter mark of the season.

FTF Cram Show

The Franchisers give you more final discussion for your Fantasy draft.

FTF Final PPR Mock

The Franchisers do one final PPR mock.

FTF Final Standard Mock

The Franchisers break down an end of preseason Standard mock.


The Franchisers react to major breaking news

FTF Show League Draft

The Franchisers draft their inaugural show league

FTF Show League Mock

The Franchisers do a mock for their show league.

FTF ADP Dream Team

The Franchisers pick their dream team from ADP.

FTF Letsomeoneelsedraft 2.0

The Franchisers tell you who they aren't drafting.

FTF List Mock

The Franchisers break their own rules and mock off of a list.

FTF Draft Board

The Franchisers break down the draft board for rounds 1-5

FTF Live Mock

The Franchisers do a live mock.

FTF IDP and Player V Player

The Franchisers break down IDP and talk player v player.

FTF Home League Mock

The Franchisers mock their home league.

FTF Rankings Update

The Franchisers update their rankings for all positions.

FTF All Human Mock

The Franchisers review an all human 12 team mock.

FTF Double Flex Mock

The Franchisers experiment with a new double flex mock.

FTF Late Spot Show

The Franchisers break down the final 3 draft spots.

FTF International Listener Mail Spectacular

The Franchisers answer listener mail from around the Globe.

FTF Mid-Late Spot Show

The Franchisers break down spots 7,8, and 9.

FTF Boom, Bust, Dust, Must Version 2.0

The Franchisers take a second look at Boom, Bust, Dust, Must for each division.

FTF Mid-Early Draft Spot Show

The Franchisers examine several mocks from the 4,5, and 6 spots.

FTF Draft Early Draft Spot Analysis

The Franchisers break down mocks from the 1,2, and 3 Spots.

FTF 10 Team Back-to-Back Mock

The Franchisers draft back-to-back for a 10-team mock.

FTF Super Flex PPR Mock

The Franchisers try a Super Flex Mock.

FTF Standard TE Rankings and Tiers

The Franchisers rank and tier your Standard TEs.

FTF WR standard rankings and tiers

The Franchisers set up your standard WR rankings and tiers

FTF Standard RB rankings and tiers

The Franchisers rank and tier the RBs for a standard league

FTF Standard QB (Update)

The Franchisers rank and tier QBs for a standard league


The Franchisers give you the WR tiers for PPR formats

FTF PPR Mock 1&12

The Franchisers do a PPR Mock from the edges.


The Franchisers rank and tier PPR Running Backs

FTF Standard/2QB Mock

The Franchisers delve into a 2QB, Standard Mock with some visitors...

FTF Risky/Balanced Mock

The Franchisers play a risky and balanced role for a ppr mock.

FTF Combo Rankings

The Franchisers rank the top RB/WR combo

FTF PPR Mock that was DOMinated

The Franchisers were having a PPR Mock...AND DOM SHOWED UP!

FTF Tight End Ranking and Tiering PPR

The Franchisers Rank and Tier Tight Ends

FTF Duel Mock

The Franchisers go head-to-head in a PPR Mock

FTF QB Tiering

The Franchisers rank and tier all 32 QBs

FTF New Dynasty Mock

The Franchisers draft a Brand New Dynasty team

FTF Robins and Backfield Confidence

The Franchisers debate WR2s and talk about backfields across the League

FTF Rookie Only Mock and Listener Mail

The Franchisers draft rookies only and take your questions.

FTF Standard Rankings WR TE

The Franchisers rank the WRs and TEs in Standard scoring

FTF Standard Rankings QB RB

The Franchisers rank QBs and RBs for Standard scoring

FTF Draft Recap

The Franchisers break down draft day.

FTF Way too Early WR & TE Rankings

The Franchisers rank the WR's and TE's way too soon.

FTF Way too Early QB & RB Rankings

The Franchisers rank QB's and RB's way too soon.

FTF Boom, Bust, Dust, Must

The Franchisers look forward to players that you need, and don't need, on your team.

FTF 12 Team Mock Standard Scoring

The Franchisers rock a Standard Mock with 12 Teams

FTF 8 Team Mock PPR

The Franchisers examine a small league mock

FTF In-season Management

The guys help you manage your roster once the season starts.

FTF LetSomeelseDraft

The Franchisers break down who you should let someone else draft.

FTF 2QB Standard

The guys rock this 2QB mock.

FTF 20 Team Medium Bench

The guys experiment with a 20 Team Draft.

FTF Dynasty Rookies

The Franchisers do a dive into the world of Dynasty predictions

FTF Offseason Moves

The guys discuss the early movers and shakers in the Free Agency world

FTF Mock Draft PPR-Short Bench

The Franchisers rock a PPR/Short Bench Mock out of the 12 spot

FTF AFC Capsules

The Franchisers examine the past season and future needs of the AFC teams

FTF NFC Capsules

The Franchisers examine the past season and future needs of the NFC teams

Franchiser Talk Fantasy