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FTF 2021 Draft Recap

The Franchisers try to figure out this mess...

FTF Draft Spectacular

The Franchisers break down the NFL draft as it happens.

FTF Round 1 Rookie Look and ADP Deep Dive

The Franchisers prep you for the NFL Draft

FTF Running Back Talent VS. Volume

The Franchisers do a deep dive into current RB situations around the league.

FTF Last Chance Players

The Franchisers look at players who are on their last chance.

FTF It's not close; 2 QB Mock

The guys make bold predictions and take a look at a 2QB mock.

FTF Dynasty Top 15 Rankings

The Franchisers break down the top 15 Dynasty Rookies.

FTF Free Agency Breakdown

The Franchisers look at this years best and worst free agent signings.

FTF 1st Boom Bust Dust Must of 2021

The Franchisers present your 1st Boom Bust Dust Must of the season.

FTF Rookie WRs and 10 Team Mock

The Franchisers break down the rookies and mock a 10 team league.

FTF Breaking News and Middle Mock

The Franchisers look at Wentz news and do a mock from the middle.

FTF Season 3 Opening Mock

The Franchisers give you the first mock of season 3

FTF Rookie RB Shallow Dive

The Franchisers look at a few of the upcoming Rookie RBs that could change your draft.

FTF Target Percentage per Position

The Franchisers look at targets by position for each team.

FTF Breaking News and Points Per Target

The Franchisers look at the Watson news and dive into points per target.

FTF "He Might Stink"

The Franchisers talk about who might stink?

FTF Free Agents Look Aheads

The Franchisers look ahead to next year's free agents.

FTF Grow and Slow WRs

The Franchisers go on the record of what WR's will do next season.

FTF Grow and Slow RB's

The Franchisers take a look at the Running Back position and decide if the top 30 are grow or slow.

FTF Season 3 premiere: 3 Round Mock

The Franchisers open season 3 with a 3 round mock for next season

FTF Season Finale/Year in Review

The Franchisers break down the top 10 scorers at each position.

FTF The One Show

FTF End of Season Roster Comp and Letsomeoneelse Draft

The Franchisers look at Playoff and non Playoff rosters and preview next years letsomeoneelse draft.

FTF AFC Team Needs Preview

The Franchisers break down AFC team needs for next season

FTF NFC Team Needs preview

The Franchisers look ahead to next season team needs in the NFC

FTF Lister Email Spectacular

The Franchisers respond to your email questions.

FTF Movie Draft

The Franchisers draft movies...really well.

FTF Mid Season Awards

The Franchisers give out their mid season awards for this year.

FTF TE Look Ahead

The Franchisers look ahead to 2021 at the Tight End position

FTF QB Look Ahead

The Franchisers look ahead to 2021 at the Quarterback position

Franchiser Talk Fantasy